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Double Bass Bow David Gage The Metropolitan

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Double Bass Bow (French or German) David Gage The Metropolitan

Bow manufactured in the United States by CodaBow, following the technical and aesthetic specifications of David Gage. CodaBow bows have always been known for their excellent quality. As part of his ongoing effort to provide the best quality and affordable products for double bass players of all levels, David Gage announces the launch of the Metropolitan™ Carbon Fiber Double Bass Bow. This bow is made following the same principles used by PW Bryant, Marcel LaPierre, Andre and Joseph Vigneron, and Fetique. CodaBow has been able to recreate the density and flexibility of the wood used by the original manufacturers and, based on the design characteristics of the classic models, the Metropolitan™ perfectly represents the fruit of an exhaustive search to isolate the distinctive qualities of the best double bass bows, and then combine those features into a single amalgam. David Gage was able to use carbon fiber to achieve this through his association with CodaBow of Winona (Minnesota, USA). CodaBow, a firm revered for its high-quality violin, viola, and cello bows, introduced the craftsmen in David Gage's workshop to the virtually endless possibilities of working with carbon fiber. Taking advantage of advances in "woven fiber" technology, David Gage and CodaBow have created a bow that responds with tone and agility similar to the work of the great master bow makers.


  • Carbon fiber.
  • Round stick.
  • Ebony frog.
  • Natural hair.
  • Bow for professionals.
Level / QualityProfessional
MaterialCarbon fiber


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