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Guitar Strings Knobloch Sterling Silver Carbon CX

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Strings for classical guitar Knobloch Sterling Silver Carbon CX

  • 300SSC. Complete set. Medium.
  • 400SSC. Complete set. Medium High.
  • 500SSC. Complete set. High.
  • 600SSC. Complete set. Super High.
  • 300SCX. Treble set. Medium.
  • 400SCX. Treble set. Medium High.
  • 500SCX. Treble set. High.
  • 600SCX. Treble set. Super High.
  • 300SS. Bass set. Medium.
  • 400SS. Bass set. Medium High.
  • 500SS. Bass set. High.
  • 600SS. Bass set. Super High.

The most exclusive Knobloch strings, Sterling Silver basses bring a refinement to the sound through the use of this highly valued metal. These pure silver strings are in a league of their own. The high-quality sterling silver gives a warm and pure sound with a profound sustain. They offer an unsurpassed durability, retaining their brilliance amb warmth longer than other strings. Designed for the professional guitarist looking for a smooth, delicate and full-bodied sound with unsurpassed durability.

Feel the finesse under your fingers. Exceptional strings for exceptional performers.

For guitarists wanting to add punch and volume to their playing our Carbon CX trebles are the ideal trebles. They bring a brilliance and clarity to the sound and increase your projection. Made from a high-density material, the Carbon CX have the thinnest diameter of our trebles strings and have the most cristalline sound. They are ideal for players looking for added projection and an added bite to their playing.

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