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Tuner clip Guitar Korg HT-G2

New product


Tuner clip for Guitar Korg HT-G2

  • Tuner clip-on in the shape of the headstock
  • New compact, light and discreet design
  • LEDs for an excellent visibility ans wide angle of vision
  • Reliable and stable clip design that attaches firmly to the headstock
  • The Auto self-off extends the battery life


  • Tuning: 12 notes equal temperament chromatic steps (A4=440Hz)
  • Detection rank (for a sinusoidal wave): Guitar: E2 (82.41Hz) - E7 (2637.03Hz)
  • Detection presition: +/- 1 cent
  • Power: lithium button type batterie (CR2032) x 1
  • Battery life: aproximately 34 hours 

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