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  • Instruments

    We have a wide selection of Cellos, different brands and models adapted to all levels and budgets, as well as old restored instruments and made by luthier. In order to obtain their maximum performance, the luthier Josep Saguer makes the set-up, consisting of reviewing, adjusting and replacing different parts and accessories of the instrument: strings, soul, bridge, pegs, etc.

  • Cases

    We have a wide selection of bags and cases for cellos of different brands and qualities to suit the needs of each musician, from students to professionals. Bags cushioned with different width and semi-rigid or hard cases made of materials such as composite, polycarbonate, carbon fiber or ABS, very resistant and modern in design.

  • Bows
  • Strings

    We have a wide selection of Cello Strings of different brands, materials and qualities, to suit the needs of each musician, from students to professionals. 

  • Rosins
  • Endpin protectors and...
  • Other products
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