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Other Instruments  There are 34 products.


  • Keyboard instruments kits

    The Paris Workshop kits - Early keyboard instruments for professional & amateur builders

    Musitekton is the agent of The Paris Workshop in Spain. Historical knowledge, quality materials and technical experience to offer you a professional instrument. Choose the most suitable model for you and build your own instrument!

  • Ukulele

    We have a wide selection of Ukuleles, soprano and concert size of different qualities and prices, as well as their respective accessories: gigbags, cases, strings, tuners, stands ... Find the best for you!

  • Guitarlele

    The Guitarlele is an hybrid instrument that combines the range and versatility of the guitar with the voice and portability of the ukulele. With six strings, just like the guitar but tuned in A (it is possible to tune in E with the Aquila Red Series strings), it is ideal for traveling, for children and also for experienced performers looking for new ways to extend their musical horizons.

  • Baroque

    Specific bows and strings for baroque instruments: violin, viola, cello and viola da gamba.

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