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Guitar Support Ergoplay Tröster

New product


Guitar support Ergoplay Tröster, model EP80004

Ergonomic support very flexible and versatile. It is adjusted to the guitar by means of suction cups of great quality that also have a flange to facilitate its disengagement.

The Tröster model is the special model. It also allows elevated playing positions for classical guitar. Also for the lute, mandolin, bouzouki, saz or Arabic lute.

ErgoPlay is the relaxed way of making music with guitars and other string instruments.

ErgoPlay excites and inspires: Also see how difficult passages not only become easier, but also more dynamic and without exhausting you! ErgoPlay supports your natural posture without limiting your freedom of movement.

  • ErgoPlay enables you to focus fully on the artistic aspects of playing the guitar.
  • ErgoPlay can be adjusted individually for every guitar player - like child's play.
  • ErgoPlay has a low weight, is long-lived and robust.

Good posture that you can hear

In the best case, you and your instrument will "merge" into one unit - the ErgoPlay permits this: You will take a healthy, relaxed posture. The guitar bottom can vibrate freely when playing music. This way, the instrument's full resonance and its entire tonal range will be able to unfold.

All guitar players will profit of ErgoPlay, students and professionals. The playing aid will keep beginners from developing malpostures like a round back, twisted spine or slanted shoulders, which may cause severe postural problems later.

The ergonomic playing aid is developed and produced in Germany. To this day, the two guitar virtuosos and pedagogues Johannes Tappert and Michael Tröster have been essentially involved with further development of the ErgoPlay guitar supports.


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