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Located in a building that reminds us of the textile past of the neighborhood, we keep large windows in a diaphanous space and a patio with a fountain surrounded by ferns. Space acoustics is excellent.

MAIN ROOM: for concerts, recordings, lectures, courses or presentations.

TEST ROOM: for classes, essays or meetings.


flamenco model Ruckers, built by Josep Saguer (2006) -
Rental available inside and outside the Musitekton space

  • a keyboard
  • 56 + 1 notes, GG-d3
  • The 440 Hz / The 415 Hz, transpositor
  • two records of 8 'and a lute record
  • Levers front shift levers
  • optional pedals for the change of registry
  • length 205 cm

Viennese model Walter & Sohn (1805), built by Paul McNulty (Divisov, 2008) -
Rental available inside and outside the Musitekton space

  • 5 1/2 octaves, FF-c4
  • The 430 Hz
  • Three knee pedals: sustain, deaf and a rope
  • length 221 cm

tail 3/4 Schweighofer (Vienna, 1924) -
Rental available only within the Musitekton space

  • 88 notes, AAA-c5
  • The 442 Hz
  • two pedals: sustain and a rope
  • completely restored mechanism
  • length 213 cm

Consult us for availability of dates and budget