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Bass String Pirastro Obligato Orchestra

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Pirastro Obligato Orchestra Double Bass strings

Obligato strings have a core made of modern multifilament synthetic fiber and are wound in chromed steel. They generate a bright, clear and focused sound. They are exceptionally well balanced strings, providing a very fast response and completely impervious to changes in temperature and humidity. They are suitable for bow and pizzicato. Orchestra tuning.

  • 441120. 1 G. Synthetic/Chrome Steel.
  • 441220. 2 D. Synthetic/Chrome Steel.
  • 441320. 3 A. Synthetic/Chrome Steel.
  • 441420. 4 E. Synthetic/Chrome Steel.
  • 441520. 5 B. Synthetic/Chrome Steel
  • 441020. Complete set (G, D, A, E).

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