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Italian Virginal by The Paris Workshop

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4 020,66€

Italian Virginal by The Paris Workshop

Instrument supplied in kit form for home assembly.

The Italian Virginal is inspired by an unusual original instrument from the early 18th century with an inset keyboard.
The characteristic virginal tone emanating from the extra enclosed space at the right hand of the keyboard truly envelops the player. (There is a tool box at the corresponding left hand of the keyboard.) The case is of “false inner-outer” construction with the inner natural maple veneers contrasted against the painted lime exterior.

We have increased the versatility for modern players by fitting a fully chromatic keyboard, and allowing for transposition both up to A440 without the loss of the top note, and down to A392.

This is a most interesting instrument to build and play, and very suitable for musicians of all standards to explore the repertoire.


  • Range: 56+1 notes: GG-d'''. Transposable A392 / A415 / A440 without the loss of d'''.
  • Disposition: 1x8´, no buff.
  • Wood: Case in lime, lid and bottom in poplar. Inner case veneers in maple. Swiss pine soundboard. Bridge, nut, music desk & lid stick in cherry. Beech stand.
  • Keyboard: Boxwood naturals and fruitwood accidentals.
  • Action: Traditional wooden jacks working in boxguide.
  • Stand: Turned, demountable.
  • Dimensions: Length 168 cm, Width 57 cm, Depth of case 21 cm.
  • Weight: about 20 Kg.
  • Instructions: Manual in English. Full size paper drawing.
  • Level of difficulty: Suitable for beginners.
  • Standard version: Version 1, ready for assembly.

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