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Metronome Korg MA-2

New product


Metronome MA-2

  • Compact metronome multi-function.
  • The improved screen makes it easy to practice. Visual indication of the change of bar.
  • Chose between two kinds of tempo: pendulum and steps.
  • Tap-tempo function wich allows to quickly adjust the desired tempo.
  • The rythm screen offers from 1 to 9 times, plus 8 types of rhythms to practice any musical style.
  • Tunes up any instrument using the 12-step chromatic reference tone (C4-B4) .
  • Output headphones with adjustable volume.
  • Memory support functions and automatic shutdown.
  • Approximately 290 hours of continuous operation.


  • Tempo rank: from 30 to 252/min (BPM).
  • Tempo adjusts: tap tempo, step, pendulum .
  • Rythms: 0-9. Crotchet, duplet, Triplets (triplets, triplets with the middle one omitted, with the last one omitted) and quadruplets (quadruplet, quadruplet with the intermediate notes omitted, quadruplet with the third and the fourth omitted). 
  • Tempo accuracy: +/- 0.2 %
  • Reference tone: equal temperament, 12 halves C4-B4.
  • Precision of the reference tone +/- one hundredth or better.
  • Calibration 410Hz - 480Hz (1 Hz steps).
  • Connectors: headphone output (mini jack stereo 3.5mm / 1/8".
  • Dynamic speaker: (Max 0.5W, 23mm).
  • Power: two batteries AAA, 3V (included).
  • Battery life: aprox 70 hours (when using zinc-carbon batteries). Aprox 290 hours (when using alkaline batteries). Tempo 120, 4 times, and maximum volume. 
  • Dimensions: Wi x De x Hi: 102 x 52 x 17 mm.
  • Weight: 71 gr (including batteries).

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