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Guitar Strings Solera Flamenca Alma by Vicente Amigo

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Strings for guitar Solera Flamenca Alma by Vicente Amigo

At the end of 2020, Solera Flamenca launched its own brand of guitar strings: Solera Flamenca Strings. The result was a true success in the industry, with hundreds of positive reviews from professional and amateur guitarists around the world.

However, given the enormous confidence they had about their product, the brand wanted to go one step further and contacted the maestro Vicente Amigo to give them his honest opinion about the ropes they had developed, in order to have the certain that they were on the right track.

After a few days of testing, the master conveyed his opinion to the brand: "They are incredible strings, but if they had even less tension, they would be perfect."

Without thinking twice, Solera Flamenca went to work introducing a series of changes to their strings in order to achieve the specifications desired by Vicente Amigo.

As a result of this collaboration, the strings "ALMA" by Vicente Amigo were born.

After a long process of trial and error, with several changes made based on the original strings, what both parties were looking for was achieved: a string with the same quality and sound features that they already had but with an even more pulsation. gentle.

The verdict of the teacher after testing them was clear: "this is what I was looking for".

To all professional and amateur guitarists around the world: we present "ALMA" by Vicente Amigo, the flamenco guitar strings of the maestro.

  • Complete set.
  • Professional pack2 complete sets + 2 bass sets.


  • 1 E: nylon flex. 0,71 mm / .028″
  • 2 B: nylon flex. 0.81 mm / .032″
  • 3 G: nylon flex. 1.02 mm / .040″
  • 4 D: wound inox. 0.68 mm / .027″
  • 5 A: wound inox. 0.85 mm / .033″
  • 6 E: wound inox. 1.04 mm / .041″


  • Soft tension.
  • Flexible pulsation.
  • Natural sound.
  • Excellent touch.
  • Long useful life.
  • No loss of performance.

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Guitar typeClassical or Flamenco


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