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Guitar Strings Solera Flamenca

New product


Strings for Flamenco guitar Solera Flamenca

Solera Flamenca guitar strings are born from a long process of research and development, after countless tests carried out with hundreds and hundreds of samples with different characteristics and materials. The brand has managed to find the perfect formula for a flamenco guitar string and translate the demanding specifications that they had in mind to a real guitar string.

Complete set. Available in two tensions:

  • Medium - Concierto. Strings diameter (mm): 0.71, 0.85, 1.05, 0.72, 0.86, 1.06
  • Medium Hard - Acompañamiento. Strings diameter (mm): 0.73, 0.85, 1.05, 0.72, 0.88, 1.08

Professional pack: 2 complete sets + 2 bass sets.

  • Medium - Concierto.
  • Medium Hard - Acompañamiento


  • 1 E: nylon flex.
  • 2 B: nylon flex.
  • 3 G: nylon flex.
  • 4 D: wound inox.
  • 5 A: wound inox.
  • 6 E: wound inox.


  • Flexible pulsation.
  • Natural sound.
  • Excellent touch.
  • Long useful life.
Guitar typeClassical or Flamenco


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