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Tuner Metronome clip Viola D'Addario PW-CT-25

New product


Tuner and Metronome clip for Viola D'Addario PW-CT-25

D'Addario PW-CT-25 micro digital clip tuner with three-color digital display specific for viola. It is an easy to read 180 degree rotating screen. It also has a metronome function.

The clamp support ensures a firm and easy fixation, without scratching the instrument and is the one chosen by the majority of students looking for a specific tuner for viola.

The high-precision micro viola tuner is not only perfect for tuning, thanks to its unique mounting and fast pitch response, it allows it to be used as an effective practice tool to improve intonation while playing.

With a compact and discreet design you can now have your viola perfectly tuned, so you will spend less time tuning and more time playing.

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