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Ukulele Flight Acacia

New product


Ukulele Flight Acacia

Gigbag included. Available in two sizes:

  • Soprano. NUS250 (21”)
  • Concert. NUC250 (23”)

The Flight Acacia Ukuleles redefines the meaning of "beginner ukulele". They are made from laminated acacia, offering great punch, volume and tone. If you learn to play these ukuleles, you will wonder if you will ever need to switch to a "better" ukulele. The neck is made of meranti, an Indonesian wood, and the fingerboard is made of nandu. This model features a 38 mm wide nut to give you more space and comfort as you learn to play those new chords.

Oh! and a Flight ukulele is not a Flight ukulele if it doesn't include a nice gigbag. This may be your first uke, it may not be your only uke, but it will be your companion for years. We love these acacia ukuleles, and you will love them too!

Level / QualityStudent


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