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Viola String Corelli Cantiga

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Corelli Cantiga viola strings

These multifilament synthetic core strings generate a new sound, intense, rich, focused, clean and with a wide spectrum of harmonics. The Cantiga are very lively and responsive strings, which allow you to achieve the best nuances in a safe, free and easy way. They give a very easy response in all positions. They have great longevity, always maintaining their perfect stability of their tonal characteristics.

The innovation of the Cantiga consists of the discovery of a very new polymer treated in such a way that the strings achieve unprecedented sound characteristics. Thanks to its specific combination of metals, it puts the strings at the top of the range.

Consequently, they are intended for professionals and soloists. They are ideal for playing solo or chamber music pieces. With Cantiga, musicians can play with great confidence and feel secure. They set up very quickly, and have the perfect balance of tone and projection between all four strings. This string model fits perfectly on both modern and antique instruments.

  • 931. 1 A. Synthetic/Alloy.
  • 932. 2 D. Synthetic/Alloy.
  • 933. 3 G. Synthetic/Alloy.
  • 934. 4 C. Synthetic/Alloy.
  • 930. Complete set.

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