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Cello String Thomastik Rondo

New product


Thomastik Rondo Cello strings

The Rondo cello strings were developed to fully exploit the playful potential of professional cellists. They offer outstanding performance on a wide variety of instrument types. They were specifically designed for solo playing with modern instruments; however, the playing experience on old instruments has also proven to be excellent.

  • RO41. 1 A. Carbon Steel/Multialloy.
  • RO41XP. 1 A. Carbon Steel/Multialloy.
  • RO42. 2 D. Carbon Steel/Multialloy.
  • RO43. 3 G. Spiral core/Tungsten-Chrome.
  • RO44. 4 C. Spiral core/Tungsten-Chrome.
  • RO400. Complete set (RO41, RO42, RO43, RO44).

The new Rondo Experience A cello string (RO41XP) complements the rest of the Rondo cello string set and is presented as an alternative to the traditional Rondo A string. Compared to this, the new Rondo Experience offers an exceptional level of brilliance and tonal richness. In addition, it is a much more sensitive string to all the impulses of the bow, offering a faster reaction and providing a clear and distinctive sound with the minimum effort of the left hand, a characteristic that provides the musician with a high modulation capacity. The Rondo Experience string has a 700 g lower tension than the traditional Rondo A, boasting an exceptionally powerful and compact sound throughout and having a wide range of tonal colors, unlike other strings with soft tensions.

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